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CBC article highlights how FIFSW social work students are breaking barriers to mental health in marginalized communities

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Associate Professor Lin Fang and MSW student Nikisha Browne were featured in a CBC article on FIFSW’s new online Counselling Clinic, Talk it Out. CBC radio also shared news about the clinic.

Writes the CBC’s Sannah Choi:

The Talk It Out clinic was created by Lin Fang, a professor of social work at the University of Toronto, after she felt “frustrated and powerless” at the beginning of the pandemic last year.

With 10 years of experience working in community mental health services, she knew that long wait lists and affordability created a barrier to gaining access to professional help for those in marginalized communities.

She was also concerned that graduate students couldn’t complete their practicum hours due to agency restrictions during the pandemic.

Fang started consulting with GTA community groups and partnered with five organizations, including the Black Creek Community Health Centre, Jane Finch Community and Family Centre, Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre, TAIBU Community Health Centre and Unison Health and Community Services.

The project also secured funding from individual donations and corporate donors, such as the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and the Telus GTA Community Board.

“We focus on Black and lower-income communities. We know the pandemic affects many people, but given the resources we have, we want to bring that to the people who may need it most and are being affected disproportionately,” said Fang.

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Introducing: Talk it Out — a new online clinic supporting marginalized communities hit hard by COVID-19