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Announcing the Marion Bogo Award 


Marion Bogo, centre, posed for a photo with student award winners from the past

When Professor Marion Bogo passed away suddenly in the Fall of 2021, alumni, students, and social work educators from the University of Toronto and around the world, shared heartfelt messages of how she inspired and influenced their education and practice. Indeed, over the course of the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work’s 100-plus year history, few have had a more profound, global impact on social work education.   

In recognition of Professor Bogo’s tremendous contributions to the field, I am pleased to announce that FIFSW has established a new student award in her honour. The Marion Bogo Award will assist students who show great promise and commitment to clinical social work in their field education. Establishing this award is also one way we can help continue Professor Bogo’s work to support the next generation of social workers for years to come.  

Marion is remembered as a trusted mentor, a beloved educator, a devoted community leader, and a world-renowned expert in many topics, including clinical social work and field education. I can’t think of a better way to recognize her accomplishments than through a new award that will support students who are distinguishing themselves in areas where she has had so much impact. Now more than ever, our society needs highly skilled, competent social workers to meet critical challenges affecting local and global communities. Marion Bogo’s legacy continues by ensuring students have the means to excel in their education and to take what they learn into the communities that need it most. 

Recognized as one of the leading social work research faculties in North America, the University of Toronto’s Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work is distinguished by its emphasis on the integration of research and practice. Professor Bogo contributed to the Faculty’s international reputation through her groundbreaking work in simulation learning, and her unfailing commitment to creating, testing, and implementing cutting-edge educational practices in social work field education and competency evaluation. Her research, innovations and dedication live on in the work of FIFSW’s internationally recognized faculty members whose own research is helping governments, agencies and communities effectively address real world challenges.  

Establishing new awards helps ensure our students have access to a social work education that will prepare them as both clinicians and leaders. It is our honour to establish this award to recognize the contributions of our beloved colleague. I would like to invite you to learn how you may contribute to the growth of this new student award through donations or by spreading the word to your friends and colleagues. 

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