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Alona Amurao’s award-winning article on Medical Assistance in Dying is published in Canadian Social Work Review

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Recent FIFSW graduate Alona Amurao (MSW 2018) received first place in the Student Article Competition hosted by the Canadian Social Work Review journal, and her winning piece was recently published (back dated).

The article, “Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID): A Policy Analysis to Provide Greater Clarity for Social Workers in Practice in Ontario,” was written while she was a student at FIFSW, with guidance and support from Assistant Professor Rachelle Ashcroft.

“Winning this competition has taught me that no matter how limited you are in experience, it’s always worthwhile to engage in critical reflection when a critical incident occurs, expand this dialogue with others, & share your ideas towards social justice,” says Amurao. “Though it may start as a simple unsettling feeling or thought, with dedication and a strong sense of purpose it can be transformed into a new workplace policy, a new way of practice, a new program, or even a published article like this one.”

> Click here to read her award-winning article.