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A letter to graduates from the President of the FIFSW Alumni Association


(Above: some of the members of the FIFSW Alumni Association, including (L-R): President Andria Allen, First Vice President Amanda Neves, Second Vice President Matthew Regan, Secretary Terese Weisberg, Past President Judy Newman, and Mentor Program representative Michelle English)


Dear Graduates,

On behalf of the FIFSW Alumni Association, I wish to congratulate you on reaching this important milestone. While we cannot celebrate your accomplishments together at this time, we look forward to publicly recognizing your achievements with your families and friends when this crisis abates.

As graduates of the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, you are now members of our Alumni Association. It is my pleasure to welcome you to this prestigious group.

Our alumni play an important role in our Faculty, our communities in Toronto and around the world. We encourage you to continue to be involved after graduation by participating in our Association.

There are many exciting ways to stay connected to the Faculty and the University, whether it’s mentoring a student, becoming a field instructor or playing an active role in the Alumni Association. As active alumni, you have the ability to make a positive impact on this Faculty through feedback, support, mentorship and participation in FIFSW activities.

As connected alumni you will get the benefit of networking with colleagues and peers, and of being kept informed of the latest news and developments in research and practice within our profession. The University of Toronto offers a number of additional benefits for alumni, including a discount on courses at the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) within five years of graduation.

Further information on U of T’s alumni benefits can be found online here.

We urge you to stay involved and look forward to your continued connection with FIFSW and the Alumni Association.


Andria Allen, MSW, RSW
President, Alumni Association

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