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Charmaine Williams talks to Breakfast Television about the disproportionate mental health and health impacts of Ontario’s Stay at Home orders

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Professor Charmaine Williams spoke to Breakfast Television about the effect that Ontario’s COVID-19 Stay at Home orders has on those who can’t choose to stay at home.

“Some of the things that make it possible for us to stay at home are other people working in occupations and unable to stay at home — and part of what we have seen is that there is a concentration of people from racial minority communities in these occupations,” said Williams.

This divide between those who can work from home — or stay home if they are sick — and those who can’t, reveals a gap that was always there, says Williams.

“We’re talking about populations, people of colour and women of colour, who are often in situations that put them at higher risk for various types of health conditions and diseases. COVID is just the latest version of that.”

“These are long term problems and we need long term solutions,” she says.

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