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Bryan Adams’ recent twitter comments exacerbate harmful stereotypes, Associate Professor Carmen Logie tells The Canadian Press

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Bryan Adams’ recent twitter remarks exacerbate harmful stereotypes and contributes to the spread disinformation, says Associate Professor Carmen Logie. The Canadian Press interviewed her about his statement, which many have argued contributes to anti-Chinese rhetoric.

“…this virus was not made. So just the fact that he said ‘virus-making greedy bastards,’ it doesn’t even make sense.”

Racism and xenophobia have been aimed at the Asian community since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Logie said, noting it’s a recurring narrative throughout history.

“When we have an epidemic, we blame people who we consider foreign,” Logie said.

Such finger-pointing promotes inequality and affects people’s well-being and mental health. And it does nothing to stop the spread of virus, she added.

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