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Dean Dexter Voisin talks to Perri Small at WVON

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Dean Dexter Voisin was in Chicago last week promoting his new book: America the Beautiful and Violent: Black Youth and Neighborhood Trauma in Chicago. While there, he was interviewed by Perri Small on the radio station WVON. Small, a veteran journalist in Chicago, asked him his experiences and observations from his 20 years working with youth and families in Chicago. They also discussed how discriminatory government policies, unevenly dispersed resources, and a lack of opportunity have contributed to violence within radicalized communities.

> Listen to the full episode here.

America the Beautiful and Violent is built around the powerful voices and insights of black youth in Chicago and their parents and communities. Voisin interweaves their narratives with data, research finding, and historical accounts that provide context for their experiences.

> Learn more about the book here.

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