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SWK 6503H – Special Studies III: Decision Making in Child Welfare: Theoretical Frameworks and Applied Quantitative Research Methods - Elective

Guest lecturer John Fluke, PhD

This course will address theories, empirical literature, research, and practice in the area of child welfare decision making. Research specific to child welfare research topics include approaches and analytic techniques that support decision making research and topics such as study design, data construction techniques, receiver operator characteristics analysis, structural equation modelling, and multi-level modelling.

Dr. Fluke is also known for his innovative and informative evaluation work in the areas of child welfare administrative data analysis, workload and costing, and performance and outcome measurement for children and family services. As a research manager, he has directed research and evaluation projects focused on maltreatment surveillance data, children’s mental health, child protective service risk and safety assessment, expedited permanency, guardianship, family group decision-making, trauma services, adoption and screening. He also conducts national child maltreatment data collection and analysis, and has worked with data collection programs in Canada, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., as well as for UNICEF.