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SWK 6007H – Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Social Work - Elective

Prior coursework in epistemology and introductory level qualitative methods are required.

This methodology course will focus on critical discourse and narrative approaches to interpretive policy analysis. We will examine the contemporary debates in the area of interpretive research and ground these debates in relation feminist, post-colonial, and critical race methodologies. In particular, we will examine the ‘linguistic turn’ in social science and how theories of language complicate the research process. We will also explore the ‘cultural turn’ in social science which reflect debates of how human life is lived across multiple cultural contexts. And finally, we will address the ‘critical turn’, which engages how power and knowledge are embedded in the process of research. In addition, will discuss and practice common strategies to access and collect data (e.g., observation, interviewing, finding existing documents), methods of organizing and representing different forms/genres of data for analysis (e.g., transcripts, electronic texts, images, hand-written notes); and strategies to analyze and represent your analyses for different audiences.

This advanced graduate course seeks to support social work and health science doctoral students to develop appropriate research designs and research proposals for either their comprehensive paper or their doctoral dissertation research.