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SWK 4648H – Social Work in Pediatric Health Care - Elective

The diagnosis of an acute or chronic health condition in a child or adolescent often creates a crisis for the child and entire family and may overwhelm their ability to cope, which has the potential to impact the processes of care and recovery, and may result in less than optimal health outcomes. Children and families may face added struggles related to family conflict or associated with other social determinants of health such as inadequate income, housing, employment or social exclusion. These struggles compound the impact of the health condition and create added stress for the child and family.

The purpose of this course is to assist students to learn how to assess, develop and carry out intervention plans for children, adolescents and their families who are impacted by health care challenges. The course will incorporate content on:

1) assessment of immediate and ongoing needs of children and teens impacted by health care challenges;
2) developmental perspectives on the needs of pediatric patients and their families;
3) skills and strategies commonly employed in social work practice in a pediatric health care setting;
4) challenges and opportunities working within family-centred and interprofessional models of practice and 5) special issues and topics related to pediatric health care with children and adolescents.

Throughout the course there will be an emphasis upon integration of theory, practice, and research and the impact and contribution of diversity.