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SWK 4615H – Cognitive Behavioural Theories and Clinical Social Work Practice - Elective

This course will demonstrate how contemporary cognitive and behavioural theories (CBTs) and concepts enrich modern clinical social work practice. CBT is a family of treatments and practices that are used to teach, coach and reinforce positive behaviours for people dealing with a wide variety of problems. Much of what is known about CBT is based on research studies that have demonstrated its efficacy as a time-limited intervention to address specific problems like depression and anxiety disorders. However, CBT is increasingly being used and adapted to meet the needs of a wide variety of populations with an emphasis on strengths, empowerment and developing self-efficacy to address many developmental and environmental stressors. This course will emphasize how CBT fits into contemporary social work practice and will explore the interface between working with individuals using CBT interventions and addressing social and contextual issues like diversity, oppression and social justice.