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SWK 4107H – Foundations of Social Work: Knowledge, Theory and Values that Inform Practice - Required

Our policy is that after the first week of classes the first year sections are set. We do not allow switches unless there are major extenuating circumstances.


This course critically engages with the knowledge, theories and values that constitute the foundation of the social work profession and inform its practice. This foundation has incorporated elements drawn from different disciplines and diverse knowledge bases. The process of integration and subsequent transformation is ongoing and ultimately contributes to developing a theoretical and value base needed to conduct professional, ethical, competent, evidence-based social work. We believe that social work is informed by multiple intersecting theories. A range of theories and approaches will be considered and students will learn to examine the various kinds of knowledge use in social work. The frameworks covered wifll span: intra-personal, interpersonal, environmental and social/ structural theories. Analyses of the strengths, limitations and relevancy of these frameworks will be conducted and contextualized with regard to the intersecting diversities found in Canadian society.