Stephanie Begun

Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work; MSW, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work; B.A., University of Virginia; RSW (Registered Social Worker)
Research Interests: 
  • Family Planning Access and Policy Advocacy
  • Social and Structural Influences on Pregnancy and Family Planning Attitudes and Decision-Making
  • Health and Wellness of Marginalized Youth and Young Adults
  • Innovation and Cultural Humility in Health Care Service Delivery


  • Social Network Analysis
  • Critical Qualitative Health Research
  • Arts-Based and Community-based Participatory Research
  • Human-Centered Design Thinking

Stephanie Begun is an Assistant Professor at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. Dr. Begun’s scholarship focuses on improving reproductive and sexual health access, education, and outcomes among marginalized youth and young adults. Her practice-based experiences in family planning policy and community organizing inspired her career in social work research and teaching. She is the PI/Co-PI on numerous externally funded projects that are investigating ways by which prevention science, policy, participatory action research, and technology may work in tandem to facilitate youths’ opportunities to make self-determined, safe, and medically accurate decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health. Dr. Begun teaches social welfare policy, community and organizational social work practice, and social justice research methods, with emphasis placed on community-based participatory and arts-based research. Dr. Begun also serves as Cross-Appointed Affiliated Faculty with the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto, and is an Instructor with the University of Toronto Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research:

Book Chapters: 
  1. McQueen, J., & Begun, S. (2019). Advocate policy change: Fact sheet and online mock testimony. In L. Hitchcock, M. Sage, & N. Smyth (Eds.), Teaching social work with digital technology. Alexandria, VA: CSWE Press.
  2. Thompson, S. J., Begun, S., & Bender, K. A. (2016). Pregnancy and parenting among runaway and homeless young women. In S. J. Morewitz & C. Sturdy-Colls (Eds.), Handbook of Missing Persons, An Interdisciplinary Study of Missing Persons.
  3. Thompson, S. J., Ferguson, K., Bender, K. A., Begun, S., & Kim, Y. (2015). Homeless emerging adults: A developmental perspective. In J. J. Arnett (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Emerging Adulthood. New York: Oxford University Press. doi: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199795574.013.33



Publications In Refereed Journals: 

Selected Publications

  1. Begun, S., Combs, K. M., Schwan, K., Torrie, M., & Bender, K. (in press). “I know they would kill me”: Abortion attitudes and experiences among youth experiencing homelessness. Youth & Society. doi: 1177/0044118X18820661
  2. Combs, K. M., Barman-Adhikari, A., Begun, S., & Rice, E. (in press). The relationship between having a child and substance use among homeless youth. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research.
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Other Selected Publications: 

Published Graduate Thesis/Dissertation:

Begun, S. (2017). A mixed methods examination of pregnancy attitudes and HIV risk behaviors among homeless youth: The role of social network norms and social support. Electronic Theses and Dissertations: ProQuest.

Dissertation Committee: Kimberly Bender, PhD (Chair); Jeffrey Jenson, PhD; Anamika Barman-Adhikari, PhD

External Research Grants: 
  1. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Project Grant, 2019-present
    Title: The Canadian Surgical and Medical Abortion Provider Survey (CAPS)
    (Role: Co-Investigator) (PIs: Renner, Wagner)
  2. Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Partnership Engage Grant, 2019-present
    Title: “This is my Regent Park”: Perspectives from Young People
    (Role: Co-Investigator) (PI: Fang)
  3. Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Partnership Engage Grant, 2018-present
    Title: Exploring the Potential Benefits of Engaging Homeless Youth in Group-Based Improv Training
    (Role: Principal Investigator) (Co-Is: Fallon, Sakamoto, Schwan) (Collaborator: Kipang) (Partner Organization: Covenant House Toronto; Consulting Organization: The Second City Toronto)
  4. Connaught New Researcher Award, University of Toronto, 2018-present
    Title: Pregnancy and Family Planning among Young Women Experiencing Homelessness in Canada: Exploring Youths’ Attitudes, Experiences, and Needs for Reproductive and Sexual Health Information and Services
    (Role: Principal Investigator)
  5. Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Insight Grant, 2018-present
    Title: Promoting Attachment and Mitigating the Risk of Future Maltreatment among Young Expectant Mothers Involved in the Child Welfare System
    (Role: Co-Investigator) (PI: King)
  6. Women’s Xchange $15K Challenge Grant, Women’s College Research Institute, 2018-present
    Title: Collaborative Knowledge Sharing: Developing and Disseminating a Visual Representation of Standards of Care for Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents in GTA
    (Role: Co-Investigator) (PI: Vandermorris)
  7. National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy & U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Adolescent Health Grant TP2AH000023-01-00
    Title: Innovation Next Accelerator Grant and Phase 2 Implementation Grant
    (Role: Co-Principal Investigator; with Romer, Butts)
  8. S. Department of Health & Human Services, Family & Youth Services Bureau, Personal Responsibility Education Program Innovative Strategies (PREIS) Grant, 2016-2021
    (Role: Consultant) (PIs: Clark, Desai)
  9. Society of Family Planning Research Fund, Small Research Grant, 2016-2017
    Title: Family Planning among Homeless Youth: The Role of Social Network Norms and Social Support
    (Role: Principal Investigator)
  10. NASW Foundation & CSWE Social Work HEALS Doctoral Fellowship, 2016-2017