Shelley L. Craig

Associate Dean, Academic; Associate Professor; Ph.D., Social Welfare, Florida International University; M.S.W., University of South Florida; B.S., Liberty University
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(416) 978-8847
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Research Interests: 

Social Media, Queer Youth & Resilience
Intervention Research & Program Evaluation
Strengths-Based Case Management
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
HIV/AIDS & Health Disparities
Social Work Education for Sexual and Gender Minority Students
Social Work Practice in Health Care
The Social Determinants of Health
Clinical Supervision
Practice & Community-Based Mixed Method Research
Simulation in Social Work Education

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Shelley L. Craig teaches in the Health and Mental Health specialization, primarily focusing on research and practice for health.

Dr. Craig’s research focuses on the social determinants of health and mental health and the impact of the service delivery system on vulnerable populations. Her primary specializations are: (1) the needs of sexual and gender minority youth and subsequent program development and service delivery (2) the roles and interventions used by health social workers to impact the social determinants of health (3) developing competent social work practitioners through effective social work education.

As principal investigator she has recently tested several interventions for sexual and gender minority youth including Strengths-First, a resilience-focused case management program for  youth at risk, ASSET, an empowering group  model and funded through the Canadian Institute of Health Research, AFFIRM, an affirmative cognitive-behavioural group intervention. Funding from SSHRC has allowed Dr. Craig to further understand the influence of the media on the resilience and identity of this vulnerable population. Other projects include a HIV prevention intervention for minority youth involved with the juvenile justice system, identified the HIV testing patterns of older Latinas; HIV prevention for Latina transgender sex workers, and the use of mental health services by urban gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) youth. Dr. Craig directed an extensive community research plan, as well as developed and established a multi-million dollar comprehensive service delivery system for sexual minority youth and their families. She has also been PI of an international study of LGBTQ students in social work programs.

Dr. Craig is registered and licensed clinical social worker with a particular expertise in delivering effective services for vulnerable populations. Selected experiences over her twenty five years of practice include: Founder and Executive Director of the Alliance for LGBTQ Youth, Executive Director of ALSO for Out Youth; Medical social worker in the emergency care center of a community hospital; Director of a domestic violence shelter.

Dr. Craig has been the recipient of numerous awards, including: the Inspirational Social Work Leader 2015, Ontario Association of Social Workers; Fellow, the Society for Social Work Research (SSWR); the Excellence in Research Scholarship Award from the Council of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression (CSOGE), National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Student Social Worker of the Year and the Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) National Person of Impact. She is particularly proud that several of her students and mentees have also become Student Social Worker(s) of the Year.

Current Service to Practice Community:


Co-Chair Council on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (CSOGIE) of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)Co-Chair (2014-)
President Heartstrong National Executive Board (2001-)
Board of Directors Co-Chair WorldPride (2013-14)
Pride Toronto (2012-)
Member: National Board (past) Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). (2001-2010)
Current: Performance Evaluation Committee
(ex-officio) (2001-)
(past) Chair
Member: Nominating Committee (ex-officio)
(past) Member: Search Committee
(past) Vice- President
Member Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO): Affiliate Researcher
Member Society for Social Work Research (SSWR)
Fellow & Member Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
Faculty Representative/Member Canadian Association of Social Work Educators (CASWE)
Member Canadian Evaluation Association (CEA)
Member Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society
Clinical Supervisor Accredited Field Supervisor/Trainer (2003-)
Publications In Refereed Journals: 

Craig, S.L., & Austin, A (2016). The AFFIRM Open Pilot Feasibility Study: A Brief Affirmative Cognitive Behavioral Coping Skills Group Intervention for Sexual and Gender Minority Youth. Children and Youth Services Review. DOI: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2016.02.022

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External Research Grants: 

Principal Investigator
Social Science and Humanities Research Council
Clicking to Cope? The Influence of Information and Communication Technologies on the Resilience, Social Support and School Engagement of Canada’s Sexual and Gender Minority Youth.

Principal Investigator
Canadian Institute of Health Research
Community-Based Affirmative Coping Skills Training to Reduce HIV/AIDS Risk for Sexual Minority Youth: An Open Pilot Feasibility Study.

Principal Investigator
Canadian Institute for Health Research
MySpace to be Queer: Youth, New Media and Health Promotion. Café Scientifique

Principal Investigator
Connaught New Researcher Award
Social Workers in Canadian Health Care: A National Study of Roles and Positionality within Interprofessional Teams.

Principal Investigator
Royal Bank Fellowship Fund
Social Work Speaks Out: A Study of the Experiences and Readiness to Practice of Social Work Students

Principal Investigator
Social Science and Humanities Research Council
Survivors or Victims? The Influence of the Media on Experiences of Resiliency for Sexual Minority Youth.

Principal Investigator
Lesbian Health Fund: Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
Self-Efficacy & Health Risks: A Mixed Method Study of Multi-ethnic Lesbian and Bisexual Youth.

Canadian Institute of Health Research
A Mixed Method Exploration of Sexual Behaviour, Social Networks and Health Services Engagement among Younger Gay, Bisexual, and other Men who use the Internet to Seek Sex with Men (MISM) in Ontario.
Brennan, D. (PI)

Canadian Institute of Health Research
Connected Communities: A Strengths-Based Research Program for Health Equity & Health Promotion Among African/Caribbean/Black Men in Canada.
McCready, L. (PI)

Co-Investigator (one of multiple CO-Is)
FireFly Foundation
Raising Teen Advocacy for Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Disease.
Chow, T. (PI)

Co-Investigator (one of multiple Co-Is)
Canadian Institute of Health Research
From Hospital to Community: A Collective Case Study of the Discharge and Transition Experience of Adults with HIV/AIDS.
Brennan, D. (PI)

Co-Investigator (one of multiple CO-Is)
Pilot-Testing a Group-Level Intervention to Reduce Risk for Sexual Transmission of HIV/STIs Among LGBTQ in Calgary and Toronto.
Logie, C. (PI)

The Sick Kids Foundation
Social Workers in Canadian Health Care: A Mixed Method Study of Skills, Interventions and Interprofessional Functioning.
Muskat, B. (PI)

Mitacs-Accelerate Graduate Research Internship Program
Prevention of Workplace Injuries amongst Temporary Foreign Workers employed in Toronto’s construction industry. How much do we actually know?
Bejan, R. (PI)

Co-Investigator (one of multiple CO-Is)
CHV (Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative) Team in Social and Behavioural Research on HIV Vaccines. CIHR: Emerging Team Grant
Social, Behavioural and Ethical Challenges of HIV Vaccine Development.
Newman, P. (PI)