Laura Tamblyn Watts

LLB, SJD (in progress)

Laura is lawyer who focuses on elder law issues, having been called to the BC Bar in 1999.  She is a Senior Fellow at the Canadian Centre for Elder Law and, before recently moving to Toronto, its long-time National Director.   She is the past chair of the Canadian Bar Association National Elder Law section, a founding member of the NICE network where she currently facilitates the law and aging theme team, an editor of a number of peer reviewed journals including the Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect and a co-facilitator of the World Study Group on Elder Law.

Laura is a law reformer, author, educator, expert witness and media consultant on issues related to elder law. She was named the 2012 Distinguished Fellow in Elder Law at Stetson University Centre of Excellence in Elder Law.

Laura is currently pursuing her doctorate and teaching at the University of Toronto on law and aging issues and is currently a course instructor in the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto.