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Scott Secord

Adjunct Lecturer

Scott, has been a licensed social worker for the past 24 years. He has fulfilled a number of clinical and leadership roles in healthcare, locally, provincially and nationally, in direct inpatient and outpatient care delivery, as an advanced practice clinician, manager, acting director in mental health, medicine and oncology programs. Deep personal experiences with cancer led to a career shift in 2005 to providing leadership in the development of a comprehensive cancer survivorship program at The Princess Margaret Supported largely by the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation the Survivorship Program is built on the principles of patient empowerment, evidenced based practice and patient self-management.

Scott, has been a Board Member of the Patient Education Network (Canada) 2005-2009, where he initiated the first a Survivorship Committee. Since 2009 until now he is active in co-chairing the Cancer Patient Education Network Survivorship Committee. Scott is also a Member of the Canadian Association for Psychosocial Oncology 2005-2012 and was a participant in the Scientist Survivor Program, American Association for Cancer Research 2004-2009. Scott is an Adjunct Lecturer, Factor Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto since 2011.

As the Manager, Clinical Cancer Survivorship Program over the past 7 years he has contributed clinically and academically to many scripted, targeted and exploratory interventions for cancer survivors using a trans-disciplinary care model in survivorship assessment, planning, wellness, and prevention. Specific research efforts have focused on determining outcome measures, examining potential novel models of care, adaptive online technologies and communities of practice designed improve the cancer experience while addressing sustainability and capacity issues. The over arching vision for Scott as a researcher, practitioner and survivor is to promote sustainable healthcare delivery through self-management, greater patient and care provider collaboration and to ultimately reduce unnecessary suffering.