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Rob MacFadden

Professor Emeritus; BA, Sociology, University of Toronto; MSW, University of Toronto; PhD, University of Toronto

Professor MacFadden’s research, scholarship and practice have focused in four areas: child welfare, clinical social work practice, information technology in professional social work practice and most recently neuroscience in social work practice. In child welfare, he has contributed to the development of Ontario’s Risk Assessment package, particularly the Eligibility Spectrum component. In clinical practice, he has focused on the use of the single system approach to evaluating practice incorporating computers in monitoring, assessing, analyzing and in presenting the results. In neuroscience and social work he has published material on hypnosis and neuroscience, unconscious bias and implicit memory and contributed to the new Oxford Online Bibliography on Neuroscience and Social Work as the subject expert. Additionally he has introduced neuroscience into the curriculum of the MSW Program.