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Nico Trocmé

Professor (Status-only)
M.S.W.; Ph.D., Montreal

Nico Trocmé is The Philip Fisher Chair in Social Work at the School of Social Work, McGill University, and the Scientific Director of the Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare. Dr. Trocmé was the Principal Investigator for both the 1998 and then 2003 Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (CIS). He is also involved with a number of research teams including evaluation of family-based aggression replacement treatment, and a survey of the risk and resilience for youth receiving child welfare services.

Dr. Trocmé is a member of the committee to evaluate the impact of changes to Quebec’s  Youth Protection Act and a research analyst for Ontario Child Welfare Secretariat. He was previously the Chair of the committee, overseeing the evaluation of the Alberta Response Model, member of the Ontario Panel of Experts and a member of the Panel of Experts for the Association des Centre Jeunesse du Quebec. He has presented expert evidence at several coroner inquests and provides evaluation and service planning consultation to a number of child welfare organizations. Prior to completing his Ph.D., Dr. Trocmé worked for five years as a child welfare and children’s mental health social worker.