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Joanne Sulman

Adjunct Lecturer
MSW, University of Toronto

Joanne Sulman is the research and group work consultant for Mount Sinai Hospital’s Department of Social Work in Toronto.

Her publication topics include cardiac rehabilitation, geriatrics, social group work practice and theory, social work administrative theory, parent-buddy matching for language and culture in the neonatal intensive care unit, depression in inflammatory bowel disease, diversity and human rights in the workplace, functional somatic syndromes and childhood physical abuse, and the development of a scale for functional assessment of cancer therapy in esophageal cancer.

Current research includes a prospective quantitative-qualitative exploration of quality of life in esophageal cancer, and an evaluation of standardized patient training for geriatric patient volunteers.

Clinically Joanne works with interprofessional colleagues in the development and facilitation of a large Inflammatory Bowel Disease Network and a daytime IBD drop-in group. She is also involved with Africa’s Sustainable Development Council in a microfinance project for women in Burkina Faso, West Africa.