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Gina Dimitropoulos

Assistant Professor (Status-Only)
M.S.W.; Ph.D., University of Toronto

Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos is currently working as a social worker and
clinical researcher at the Eating Disorders Program, University Health
Network in Toronto. She has worked for many years as a clinical social
worker in a variety of settings with children, adolescents and adults,
with particular expertise in family and couple interventions. The
theme of her academic work reflects a commitment to improved
understanding of the experiences of family members of individuals with
eating disorders and other mental illnesses, and provision of
evidence-based practice in mental health and health services.
Specifically, her current research interests include effectiveness of
family-based treatments, treatment adherence and therapeutic alliance
in family therapy, the impact of anorexia nervosa on quality of
sibling relationships, and the effects of stigmatization of mental
illness on individuals and their families.