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Gerardo Betancourt


Gerardo has been working as an educator for 30 years in several countries. His educational projects have been implemented and evaluated in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Canada. He has been working in the field of Sexual Health for the past 16 years, and has published in international book chapters edited by universities and numerous peer-reviewed journals. He has developed theories and theoretical frameworks to better understand intersectionalities, sexualities, qualitative methodologies, epistemologies, and sexual health practices. Gerardo has presented his research in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and the USA.

His education practice and pedagogy are as a constructivist (Piaget, Vigosky), and as a researcher, social constructivism guides his work. With a preference for interpretative methods, he has extensive experience working in community-based research and education.

He sees education as a form of emancipation and empowerment and has a passion for Social Work and Health Sciences. His teaching experience, bilingual in Spanish and English, includes Jr. High School, to University-level, and with the community and scientific stakeholders.

Gerardo is fully trained in the use of multiple intelligences, neurolinguistic sciences, and Freire in the classroom.

Gerardo has developed a Hand Mapping Qualitative Methodology for depicting narratives of sexual health trajectories and life events. The methodology has been presented in Barcelona, Switzerland, and across Canada

Gerardo is currently visiting as a Scholar Guest at the Institute Gino Germani, Faculty of Social Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Fall 2022.

Betancourt, G.(2020). Code Blue! implementing a COVID-19 emergency response, supported by an HIV community program: Communities Without Borders (CWB), a Spanish-Speaking an HIV/STI Intervention in Toronto, Canada. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services.

Betancourt, G. (2015). A theoretical model for intervening in complex sexual behaviours: sexual desires, pleasures and passion — La Pasión — of Spanish-speaking gay men in Canada. In F. Julie & K. Karban (Eds.), Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans health inequalities (pp. 159-172). Bristol, U.K.: Policy Press at the University of Bristol.