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Shared Responsibility: Master of Social Work students reflect on globalization’s impact on policy, practice and advocacy in social work

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Among the courses offered to Master of Social Work students in FIFSW’s Social Justice and Diversity field of study is SWK 4303: “Globalization and Transnationalism: Social Work Responses Locally and Globally.”
Taught by Associate Professor Rupaleem Bhuyan, students in this course develop skills in policy analysis and advocacy by critically analyzing how globalization and transnationalism impact social policies at different levels of government.

As part of their course work, the students take turns sharing their reflections on course readings in relation to current events and advocacy efforts. These reflections are published on the blog Shared Responsibility.

This week, students responded to Robyn Maynard’s (2017) book, Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present, available from Fernwood Books.

> Read the students’ entries here.

 “I first created “Shared Responsibility” in 2009, to provide an online platform for social work students to practice writing to a broader audience,” writes Bhuyan. “Over the years, numerous students have contributed their insights and questions, while channelling their frustrations at seemingly insurmountable global inequalities. Each year a new batch of students re-engage with topics that stem from our globalized and transnational world, even as these dynamics are in constant movement.”
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