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PhD student Gerardo Betancourt explores how an HIV program for Spanish-speaking communities is applying lessons learned to help communities during the COVID-19 pandemic


A new article, by FIFSW PhD Candidate, Gerardo Betancourt, explores how the organization Community Without Borders has applied what it learned from the HIV pandemic to protect Spanish-speaking communities from COVID-19.

The piece, entitled “Code blue! Implementing a COVID-19 emergency response, supported by an HIV community program: Communities without borders, a Spanish-Speaking intervention in Toronto, Canada” was published in the Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services.

As Betancourt writes, “The article argues that is precise because we have learned as marginalized communities that reacted at the beginning of the AIDS early days, that HIV/AIDS educators adapted very fast interventions, programs, and counselling to alleviate societal effect pandemic against COVID-19 new infections.”

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