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Congratulations to our graduates – June 5, 2013 Convocation Ceremony…


The University schedules three graduations each year (June, November and March).Graduation Banner

If program requirements are completed and grades received by the SGS deadline in April, students graduate in June.

Students who complete program requirements and whose grades are received after the SGS deadline to submit grades in April and by the SGS deadline to graduate in November will be put forward for Novermber convocation.

Students who have completed program requirements by the end of the Fall Session and meet the SGS deadline for grade submission can elect to graduate in March (in absentia) and have the diploma mailed at the end of March (there is no formal convocation ceremony in March) or wait until June to graduate and receive the diploma at the June convocation ceremony.

Students will be required to visit the Convocation Office website to order tickets, etc. prior to graduation