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Associate Professor appointments with tenure…

A message from Dean Faye Mishna


It gives me great pleasure to announce that (in alphabetical order) Professor Rupaleem Bhuyan, Professor David Brennan, Professor Lin Fang and Professor Michael Saini have been appointed Associate Professors with Tenure effective July 1, 2013.  These are four wonderful colleagues, teachers and researchers.

Prof. Bhuyan‘s scholarship employs interpretive and participatory action research methods within the arena of violence against women, im/migration, and service delivery to immigrants.  Her research draws upon feminist, post-structural, and post-colonial theories of citizenship, social rights, gender-based violence, and community mobilization to inform public policy and social work practice.  Her current research examines how both social service providers and immigrants negotiate the boundaries of citizenship—belonging, identity, rights and status—in the context of anti-violence service delivery in Canada and the United States.

Prof. Brennan‘s research has focused on three distinct but related areas: 1) factors associated with health and well-being among those living with and at risk for HIV, particularly sexual minority men who are marginalized by issues such as race, socioeconomic status, HIV status and age; 2) antecedents of social work faculty attitudes toward LGBT populations and issues; and 3) measurement research related to these issues.

Prof. Fang has focused her research and scholarship on understanding the etiology of substance use by Asian American adolescent girls, and preventing their substance use through family-based, computer-mediated programs.  Lin has been working with community partners to explore family dynamics among Chinese immigrant families, examine culturally-responsive mental health services for immigrants and refugees, and apply new technologies in improving mental and behavioral health.

Prof. Saini‘s research has focused on high conflict divorce, parenting competency after divorce, virtual visitation, alienation, joint custody, the intersection of child welfare and custody disputes, the experiences of child protection workers in working with high conflict families and alternatives to legal disputes within family law and child welfare settings.

Please join me in congratulating Rupaleem, David, Lin and Mike.