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We need to take a look at who sits on police oversight boards, Dean Dexter Voisin tells Global News


Dean Dexter Voisin spoke to Global News for an article on the differences and similarities between American and Canadian police. While others pointed to the fact that jurisdictions in the United States are now considering adopting reforms already in place in Canada, Voisin pointed out that Canada is “still seeing a higher number of racialized folks dying at the hands of police.”

“So then what is the gap? What is accounting for that?” he said.

Voisin said this happens because those who enforce and adjudicate these policies are “human beings with both implicit and explicit biases.”

“There’s this old saying that the law is blind (and) that policies are blind, but the folks who are applying them are certainly not colourblind,” he said.

Voisin said Canada needs to “take a look” at who sits on police oversight boards to ensure these policies are used properly.

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