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I received an offer of admission. May I request a deferral?

Deferrals of admission are only permitted for extenuating circumstances.

I plan to apply and I’m currently in my final year of my bachelor’s program. I will send in the transcripts by the November 1st recommended deadline date, however, I am taking a number of half-term courses and grades will be available in late January. Can I send in an updated transcript at that time? Where do I send the transcript?

Yes. It is a good idea to send in an updated official transcript that reflects fall term grades. Upon receipt of the official transcript, your GPA will be recalculated. The official transcript should be sent to:

Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
Admissions Office
246 Bloor St. West
Toronto, ON  M5S 1V4

When will decisions be mailed out regarding the MSW Program?

Admission offer letters will be sent out from mid-February to mid-April. As decisions are mailed out, your status on the On-line application will be changed to Decision made. By mid-April all decisions will be sent out.

I missed the MSW Application Deadline Date. Can I still apply?

We do not accept late applications.

All documents have been submitted, but my application still says “Documents Pending”. When will this status change?

If your application status states Documents Pending, but you have submitted all required documents do not be concerned. Once your file is reviewed, the status will change to Under Review. This should be finalized by mid-February.

I did not complete a full course load in my final year. How will my GPA be calculated?

As an example, if you are only taking three courses from Sept – April, we will count back and include any summer courses you may have taken, and/or the previous Winter. In terms of how many credits – it must be the equivalent of a full-course load – minimum of four full credits at the senior level.

I need to change a referee on my online application. How can I do this?

In order to change your referee information, send an email message with the following information to:

1) Your name and applicant number
2) The name of the referee you want taken off your online application

In addition, provide the following information for your new referee:

1) First Name, Last Name and Title
2) Institution
3) Phone Number
4) Relationship to Applicant
5) Email Address

Once this information is received and processed, you will be sent an email confirmation.

My referee cannot submit the reference by the application deadline specified. Can they still submit a reference?

Yes: Referees will be permitted to upload the completed reference via the SGS online portal.

The MSW application process requires three references, including one academic from a university course instructor. I have been out of university for just over two years, and the majority of my professors have moved on to other teaching/research opportunities or do not remember me. Can I substitute the academic reference with a professional reference within the social work field who are quite familiar with the knowledge and skills set it takes to effectively practice social work?

If you feel strongly that you cannot submit an academic reference, it is recommended that you include a cover letter with your Resume, explaining your choice of referees.

Does an academic reference have to be specifically from a professor or can it be from someone that I do academic work for (researching, analysing, writing manuscripts by deadlines, etc.)?

The academic reference should be from a professor who is able to comment on your academic ability. You should review our current reference form with the professor you are working with, and if they can comment on most of the areas, the reference should be acceptable. If not, we would recommend asking a former professor from your undergraduate program.