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I am in my final year and am looking to apply to the program. I have a couple of courses this year that are at the 200 level in order to fill needed requirements to graduate. Will these courses not be counted in the total?

If you are applying for the two-year MSW Program, the GPA would be based on a full-course load of senior level credits, typically four or five full credits or equivalent, leading up to the awarding of your undergraduate degree. If it is necessary to go back to an earlier session, the Committee will review all the courses at the senior level in that particular session. If you are applying for the MSW Program with Advanced Standing, the GPA will be based on your final year of full-time study or equivalent.

I will complete all courses in Summer and the convocation ceremony is in the Fall. Can I still apply for September admission?

As long as all degree requirements are completed by August 16th, you can still apply for September admissions. If admitted, the offer would be conditional on the completion of your final year of full-time study with a mid-B standing and confirmation of degree conferral.

I completed a course in research methodology; however, it is not listed on the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work website’s approved listing. How can I find out if the course will be acceptable?

You can submit an electronic version of the course outline and required reading list to: The course information will be reviewed by the Associate Dean, Academic.

I don’t know if the course I have completed meets the half-credit course research requirement?

Please review the listing of acceptable courses posted on our website at:

Acceptable Research Courses

What disciplines count as social sciences?

The following disciplines count as Social Sciences:

We require the equivalent of three full credit courses in the social sciences, equivalent to six half-credit courses , to include a half-credit course in research methodology. The following disciplines count as Social Sciences:




Family Relations and Human Development

Political Science



Social Development Studies

Social Work

Social Sciences

Plus any course designated as a Social Science by the university in which you completed your undergraduate degree.