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For students writing the comprehensive paper – Can I submit the Comprehensive Paper directly to my two readers? Is an e-copy acceptable?

Two copies of the Comprehensive Paper are to be submitted. These will be distributed to two examiners (one of which is the supervisor) who will independently assess the merits of the paper. You must verify with the two readers if they are willing to accept an e-copy.

If yes, forward your e-copy to and indicate who the two readers are.

If no, submit two copies of the Comprehensive Paper directly to Angela Umbrello, 2nd Floor, Room 256, with a note indicating who the second reader will be. Angela Umbrello will distribute the comprehensive paper to the two members, and assign a four-week deadline for receipt of the Comprehensive Assessment. The second reader will be added to your Supervisory Committee. The PhD Director will be notified by Angela Umbrello that the comprehensive paper has been submitted.

Note that students taking the Comprehensive Exam are required to submit their papers electronically on Quercus.