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SWK4643H Special Topics in Social Justice and Diversity: Antisemitism and Contemporary Jewish Experiences: Issues for Community Well-being and Social Justice - Elective

This course will reflect the connections between Social Work and Jewish Studies and is open to students of all identities. It will offer a participatory exploration of the contemporary challenges where the theoretical and experiential, personal and professional and individual and community understandings of Antisemitism, Anti-oppressive practice and Social Justice intersect. It will focus on an examination of the impact of Antisemitism locally and internationally in the current context of the environmental, political and social crises in today’s world. Course material and classroom seminars will examine both the Canadian Jewish experience and the traumatic impact of growing racism and cultural shifts within the local and the broader community. Students will explore how this impacts their studies, their practice placements and their personal experience and understanding of systemic oppression. Course content will be presented in accordance with the Faculty’s mission of “promoting social work practice grounded in social justice and equal opportunity for all groups in society irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, race, native heritage, language, religious beliefs, class, sexual orientation, disability, age, culture or any other forms of diversity”, and will consider the impact of culture, religion and ethnicity on social policy and social services. Students will address the challenges of racism in general and antisemitism in particular and how it reverberates and impacts the well-being and health across all communities.