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SWK 4804H – Special Topics IV: Trauma-Informed Care - Elective

Offered as a one-week intensive course June 5-9, 2017.

In this course learners explore the transmission of trauma from cultural, communal, familial and individual perspectives. Learners will examine the critical elements in trauma-informed care for children, youth and adults, the steps for effective trauma-informed and strength based community intervention and the factors integral to a trauma-informed school. Learners will be introduced to the importance of early intervention and the key elements of safe environments and interventions. “Worker wellness” as a critical factor in trauma-informed care will be emphasized and learners will appraise their capacity to remain grounded physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually under stress. Learners will critically examine themselves in areas of spontaneity, flexibility, cultural sensitivity, self-awareness, grounding, ethics and boundaries.