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SWK 4701H – Social Work Practicum 1 (CR/NCR) - Required

A student who has not met the minimal competency requirements for the Practicum at mid-term of Year One may not register for any Year-Two required courses without special permission from the office of the Associate Dean, Academic.

In order to achieve a sufficient and broad knowledge base in SWK4701 Practicum 1, the student must demonstrate core social work knowledge and beginning practice competence with a client system and on behalf of such a client system, in the context of programs and organizations delivering social services. The competency model will be the framework for the practicum and the student will be expected to achieve the first level of competence as defined in the practicum manual – that is:

1. to develop and demonstrate her/his professional identity as a social worker in respect to commitment to and the provision of service to people;
2. to develop and demonstrate the ability to function within an organizational context;
3. to develop and demonstrate the ability to function within a community context;
4. to develop and demonstrate the ability to identify, assess, formulate, implement and evaluate strategy on behalf of the user system;
5. to demonstrate beginning effectiveness in communication skills.

SWK4701 Practicum 1 is a generalist practicum. A student has a choice of practicum within a range of settings. Practicum 1 provides learning opportunities for students to integrate and apply theory to practice and develop competence in performing social work roles within the framework of social work values. The practicum takes place in a wide range of service settings offering practice learning in all social work modalities. Students have an opportunity to find out about these agencies by early November, and have input into decisions about their practicum.

Time Requirements:

21 hours per week, three days per week, from January to April
28 hours per week, four days per week from mid-April to the end of May

Total Number of days in the Practicum is between 65-70 days.

The days listed above are set aside in the student’s timetable for the Practicum. However, other days may be used if there is no conflict with classes, and if mutually agreeable to student and instructor and approved by the Faculty/Field Liaison. Students are allowed the regular University holidays and may observe their religious holidays that fall on Practicum days.