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SWK 4001H – Emotion-Focused Therapy - Elective

This course will introduce students to the practice model, core concepts and skills of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) in order to enhance clinical social work practice. EFT is an experiential and systemic model that focuses on emotions and interpersonal difficulties as markers of attachment needs. This course will review the theoretical frameworks, stages and steps of the model and apply them to a diverse range of client issues and populations. We will focus on conceptual issues such as the therapeutic relationship, and core interventions such as enactments and two-chair/empty-chair dialogues in order to identify and transform emotions and negative interactive cycles. Students will have the opportunity to examine the stages and steps of EFT with individuals, couples and families with complex needs. This course requires active class participation through small and large group discussion, class exercises, role-plays and simulation-based learning.