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SWK 4632H – Advanced Social Work Practice in Health - Required

Prerequisite: SWK 4622H Social Work Practice in Health

Students in the Mental Health and Health Specialization can take this course instead of SWK 4604H Social Work Practice in Mental Health to meet specialization requirements.

Health issues are complex, multifaceted, and have the potential to directly affect quality of life and well-being. This course builds on SWK 4622 to examine and develop, at an advanced level, the practice knowledge and skills required to be a social worker within a continuum of health care contexts. Working collaboratively with interprofessional teams, social workers require a range of assessment, counselling, negotiation and co-ordination skills to assist individuals and their extended network to successfully adapt to the challenges presented by treatment and/or longer term health and functional changes. Additionally, social workers contribute at a program and organizational level by situating patient needs and health services in the context of the broader social determinants of health.