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SWK 4631H – Advanced Social Work Practice in Mental Health - Required

Prerequisite: SWK 4604H Social Work Practice in Mental Health

Students in the Mental Health and Health Specialization can take this course instead of SWK 4622H Social Work Practice in Health to meet specialization requirements.

This course builds on SWK 4604H to examine and develop, at an advanced level, the practice knowledge and skills required to be a social worker within a continuum of mental health care contexts. This course allows students to explore a range of effective clinical interventions for individuals and families living with mental illness. Course content will include examinations of psychosocial assessment, case management, group work, family therapies, psychoeducation, discharge planning, individual psychotherapies, community work and advocacy. All interventions will be further explored in terms of their theoretical foundations, specific procedures, evaluation, evidence base, ethics, cultural competence, interdisciplinary issues and use of the therapeutic alliance.