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SWK 4622H – Social Work Practice in Health - Required

SWK 4622H is a prerequisite for SWK 4632H Advanced Social Work Practice in Health

This course will address the practice of social work in health care reflecting the health care needs of Canada’s population, which range from health promotion to long-term care. The primary focus of this course will be the increasing complexity of integrating social work practice with the current issues in the health care system. The course content will identify unique population needs, practice settings, social work interventions and policy issues. Practice models presented will include both micro and macro interventions, which incorporate competence and empowerment as central themes. New models of care are being considered, including primary health care. In this time of change, social workers have an important role to play in health care by articulating and illuminating: the impact of socio-cultural factors on health and well being; the significance of family relationships and resources in the management of chronic and complex health conditions; and interventions that support individual and family capacity to adapt to acute health crises or chronic health conditions.