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SWK 4516H – Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency Practicum - Required

The MSW-ITR Practicum is a requirement for students without a BSW degree. Building on the direct practicum skills that students have developed through previous experience, this practicum emphasizes social work practice in a community and/or organizational setting where global indigenous and/or trauma-informed perspectives can be applied to service provision or community-driven research. Students are assigned to an approved practicum site and field instructor, and undertake a process of evaluating community needs, selecting a focus for the practicum in collaboration with the field instructor, and implementing a project. The project should include engagement with one or more of the following stakeholder groups: clients, service providers, traditional healers, knowledge holders, researchers, and health, social, or community organizations. Participation and outcomes in the practicum are evaluated in terms of their adherence to both social work and Indigenous principles students have learned in the first year of study. Potential activities for the practicum could include: community or program needs assessment; collaboration in established knowledge-building activities; community outreach; community activism; original research; archiving; etc.