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SWK 4510H – Research for Evidence-Based Social Work Practice - Required

SWK 4510H is a prerequisite for all second year required courses – students in the Two-Year MSW Program take this course in the first year of the Two-Year Program. Students in the One-Year MSW Program with Advanced Standing take this course in the first term of their program.


Our policy is that after the first week of classes the first year sections are set. We do not allow switches unless there are major extenuating circumstances.


Rubin, Allen & Bellamy, Jennifer (2012). Practitioner’s Guide to Using Research for Evidence-Based Practice.  New Jersey: Wiley.

Marks for the in-person classes are based on a mid-term paper, a final paper and an in-class presentation.

Evidenced Based Social Work Practice is a systematic approach to making decisions that emphasize (1) formulating questions; (2) locating, evaluating and interpreting the relevant research evidence; (3) applying best available evidence to the initial context; and (4) evaluating the implementation of the decision. Using a problem-based learning model, students evaluate and interpret the best evidence available relative to a number of social work policy and practice questions. Supported by a series of research methods tutorials, students develop an understanding of some of the basic quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods appropriate for answering policy and practice questions.