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SWK 4418H – Introduction to Jewish Perspectives on Caring - Elective

This course will explore the social, ethical and philosophical impact of ethno-specific community care from one particular group within the context of the Canadian multicultural mosaic. It will provide perspectives on social action and social justice in the areas of settlement, anti-oppression, spirituality, social welfare, diversity, ethno-specific agencies and community development. Jewish traditions and culture have a long history of addressing issues related to caring for others, at the individual and the collective, community and societal levels. The course will provide opportunities for students, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to learn about the culture and traditions of caring that are central throughout Jewish history and will examine where the current and historical Jewish experience, may be relevant to other minority groups in a diverse society. Resource persons representing the breadth of Toronto’s Jewish academic, social and communal services will address practice related contemporary and historical issues relevant to social work’s current pluralistic orientation. The course will contribute a new perspective – that of one minority community – to the Faculty’s range of diversity-related learning opportunities.