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SWK 4105H – Social Work Practice Laboratory - Required

Companion course to SWK 4103H Elements of Social Work Practice. Students will be in the same section, with the same instructor for both SWK 4103H and SWK 4105H.


Bogo, M. (2018). Social Work Practice: Integrating Concepts, Processes, and Skills. Second Edition. New York: Columbia University Press.

The Practice Laboratory is a companion course to the Elements of Social Work Practice and concepts studied in that course will be applied through practice simulations. This course aims to link and apply theory and research to social work practice as students master generic interviewing and communication competencies with a focus on relationship building and assessment with a diverse range of clients. SWK 4105 is also designed to develop professional competencies including the ability to critically self-reflect and work productively in a collegial group. This course is preparatory to the field practicum in second term of year one. Emphasis is given to developing a positive learning environment based on mutual support and respect.