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SWK 4103H and SWK 4105H – Elements of Social Work Practice and Social Work Practice Laboratory - Required

Our policy is that after the first week of classes the first year sections are set. We do not allow switches unless there are major extenuating circumstances.


Bogo, M. (2018). Social Work Practice: Integrating Concepts, Processes, and Skills. Second Edition. New York: Columbia University Press.

SWK4103H Elements of Social Work Practice and SWK4105H Social Work Practice Laboratory are required courses in the first term of our two-year M.S.W. Full-Time Program. These companion courses provide students with basic preparation for professional social work practice and are specifically designed to support students’ transition to their field practicum. Students will be in the same section, with the same instructor for both SWK 4103H and SWK 4105H.

Students are required to successfully complete SWK4105H before being permitted to attend SWK 4701H Practicum I.