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SWK 4102H – Social Policy and Social Welfare in the Canadian Context - Required

Our policy is that after the first week of classes the first year sections are set. We do not allow switches unless there are major extenuating circumstances.

This course emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge about the development of the Canadian welfare state – its rise and decline – and the skills needed to analyze the social policies and programs — essential tools for all aspiring social work practitioners. Its goals are to gain critical awareness of 1) public social policies as the outcomes of competing social, political and economic forces and priorities, and 2) the implications of social policy choices for social work practice. The focus is on Canada – and particularly, Ontario – though comparisons will be made to other jurisdictions when appropriate. Social policy responses to the diverse needs of particular groups will be examined within the context of power, conflict and human rights. Special attention will be directed to distinctive social policy approaches in Quebec, and to the social policy dimensions of tax and social assistance policy.