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SWK 4102H – Social Policy and Social Welfare in the Canadian Context - Required

Our policy is that after the first week of classes the first year sections are set. We do not allow switches unless there are major extenuating circumstances.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the development of social policy and debates around its implication in the Canadian context, including references to social welfare policies, economic policies, education, healthcare, housing, labour, and community development, among other important policy areas of focus. Through this overview, the course aims to provide important tools for social work practitioners, including a strong background in social policy context and trends, as well as resources to strategize, mobilize, and advocate for policies and programs to help improve the quality of life and reduce hardships of vulnerable and marginalized populations. The course primarily focuses on Canada – and Ontario specifically – yet materials will also draw from differences in policies across provinces/territories and cross-nationally. The course concludes with a focus on implications of social policy for practice, organizing to affect change and improve social policy, and recommendations for advocacy in the field.