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JTH 3000H – Coordinating Seminar in Ethnic and Pluralism Studies - Elective

Required course for Collaborative Program in Ethnic and Pluralism Studies

This is a non-FIFSW course.  Course enrolment is managed by the host department.

This course provides theoretic and methodological tools for the interdisciplinary study of ethnic and race relations, and illustrates their application to specific institutional sectors of society. The first half of the course presents a review of basic theory and methods for addressing five key topics: ethnic groups and their demography, ethnic status and racism, ethnic communities and the incorporation of ethnic groups and race relations within selected institutional settings, and emphasizes the use of research from diverse disciplines in understanding theoretical and policy issues arising in each.

The specific institutional settings selected for emphasis may include: employment relations and the workplace, social and medical service delivery, policing and the administration of justice, and citizenship and immigration policy. The focus will be on ethnic and race relations in Canada, and where possible, comparisons will be made with other advanced industrial societies including the United States, Europe and Australia.