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JPX 1001H – Parenting: Multidisciplinary Perspectives - Elective

Offered Winter 2014

This course, offered jointly by the Departments of Social Work, Education, Psychiatry, Psychology and Nursing, is designed to introduce participants to a multidisciplinary range of approaches to the understanding of parenting. Levels of analysis extend from the psychology of parenting to the societal context. Research, theory and professional practice are sampled in a number of disciplines. The course is team-taught by faculty members from the participating departments, one of whom will be designated as course coordinator each year. In order to facilitate continuity and comparison across different disciplines, topics and instructors, the course is organized around key themes. In addition to the multidisciplinary teaching, diversity is ensured by the rich and varied backgrounds of the students. Throughout the seminar discussions, students are encouraged to synthesize their academic and work/practice experience.