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Peter A. Newman


Faculty Associate, Joint Centre for Bioethics
Ph.D., Social Work & Social Psychology, University of Michigan

Phone Number: 
(416) 946-8611
Research Interests: 
  • HIV prevention / biomedical HIV prevention
  • vaccine confidence & acceptability (HPV, COVID-19, HIV)
  • global health
  • LGBTQ health & human rights
  • social determinants of health
  • community engagement
  • evidence-making interventions

Peter A. Newman is a full professor and affiliate of the Joint Centre for Bioethics. He held the RBC Chair in Applied Social Work Research (2006-2008), an Early Researcher Award from the Ministry of Research and Innovation, Ontario (2007-2011), and the Canada Research Chair in Health and Social Justice (2007-2018). He is an Inaugural Fellow of the Society for Social Work and Research, and was recognized with the CSWE SOGIE Scholarship Award (2012). He is co-founder, VOICES-Thailand Foundation, and a standing member of the Health Sciences Research Ethics Board.

Dr. Newman has been awarded over $10 million in continuous, external PI-research funding. With over 150 peer-reviewed articles, he has been recognized as among the most highly cited social work scholars in North America. His research program addresses global health and human rights, with a focus on HIV and sexual health among sexual and gender minorities, and racialized populations. His SSHRC Partnership grant engages an 8-country multidisciplinary team—from social sciences, fine arts, and medicine—to gather and mobilize evidence to advance LGBTIQ inclusion and human rights in Asia. His community-based research also promotes culturally-grounded understandings of resilience, and social ecologies of bullying victimization and HIV risk and prevention with LGBTQ and other vulnerable youth, including a recent UNICEF report. <>

Currently, he is PI on five externally funded grants: 1. The Effect of an eHealth Intervention on COVID-19 Knowledge, Protective Behaviors, and Mental Wellness of Diverse LGBT+ People: the #SafeHandsSafeHearts Randomized Trial (IDRC, 2020-2021); 2. Mobilizing for a Research Revolution to Ensure LGBTIQ Inclusion in Asia (MFARR-Asia): A High-impact, Transformative International Partnership (SSHRC, 2019-2026); 3. MFARR-Asia Infrastructure (CFI, 2018-2022); 4. The ‘Phi-Nong’ Project: Development and Pilot Testing of a Culturally Adapted, High-impact HIV Preventive Intervention with Young Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender Women in Chonburi Province, Thailand (CIHR, 2017-2022); and 5. “Soft like Silk, Pliable like Bamboo”: Practicing Resilience-in-Context—A Multi-Method Study of Resilience with Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Thailand (SSHRC, 2017-2021).

Additional Websites:

Canadian Association for HIV Research Google Scholar