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Ph.D. candidate Samantha Yee presented with two awards…

Ph.D. Candidate, Samantha Yee, presented the findings of her dissertation and received the Best Psychosocial Paper Award and Travel Award.


Samantha Yee presented the findings of her doctoral research project, “Cancer, Fertility and Motherhood”, at the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society’s Annual Meeting in Victoria BC (September 26-29, 2013). A total of 188 young female cancer survivors across Canada participated in the survey study. The submitted abstract ranked the 2nd place in scoring under the Clinical Research category. She was awarded a travel grant by the conference organizer based on the abstract score and other adjudication criteria. Samantha also won the Best Psychosocial Paper Award scored by the delivery of her oral presentation.

Members in her Doctoral Thesis Committee are Professor Esme Fuller-Thomson (Supervisor), Professor Shelley Craig and Dr. Marilyn Crawshaw (University of York, UK).