Lin Shen Lamson

LIN Shen, Lamson is currently a year one PhD student at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto, with specializations in these two interrelated categories: 1) psychosocial well-being of children and adolescents (post-traumatic stress disorder, autism spectrum disorder, school-to-work transition); and 2) long-term care and policy for successful ageing (cognitive impairment, inter-generational support).

Prior to this, he assumed duties as a social policy analyst in a variety of settings including academic institutes and policy-making think tank. He also gained his clinical practice from a state-owned long-term care management centre.



Ngai, S. Y., Cheung, C. K., Yuan, R., Lin, S. (2016). Work motivation of unemployed youths: Moderating effects of financial dependence on parents. Children and Youth Services Review, 71, 157-165. (SSCI, 5-year IF= 1.521)