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Gwendolyn Fearing

MSW (University of Toronto)
BSW/BA in Sociology and Psychology (McMaster University)


Gwendolyn Fearing is a PhD candidate at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto.

Gwendolyn has over 7 years of direct clinical experience in the areas of children’s mental health and school social work practice providing assessment, counseling, group services as well as service coordination. In addition, Gwendolyn has garnered over 8 years of research experience as a research assistant in the following areas: knowledge translation of evidence-based practices into a children’s mental health provider, knowledge mobilization, cyberbullying and community based research. She also has co-authored peer reviewed articles with the primary investigators for the various research projects.

Gwendolyn’s dissertation focuses on the extent to which caregivers’ mental health literacy impacts their decision to seek child mental health services for their child experiencing a mental health concern.

Gwendolyn’s research interests include: mental health literacy, pathways to care for caregivers seeking child mental health services and knowledge transfer of research into clinical social work practice.

Gwendolyn endevours to inform policies related to pathways to care for child mental health services, including system-level plans, mental health literacy interventions and parent engagement initiatives for child and youth mental health treatment. In addition, she is dedicated to making a contribution to child/youth mental health that will enhance outcomes for children and young persons experiencing mental health concerns and interrupt delayed access to treatment.