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Virtual Field Instruction Resources | May 19, 2020 – updated July 9, 2020

Virtual Field Instructor Module

The Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) has developed a module to support field instructors in providing supervision remotely.  We encourage field instructors to take advantage of this resource.

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Use of Technology Guidelines in SW Practice
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Guides for Videoconferencing Platforms
Getting started with Zoom

The beginner’s guide to Skype

A beginner’s guide to Microsoft Team

Videos & Direct Links
How to Look Professional on Zoom (Video)

Policies re: COVID-19 and other Disruptions to Field — NANFED: North American Network of Field Educators and Directors

Technology Safety and Encryption
Weekend PSA: Keep your computer safe from harm

Encryption and public keys | Internet 101 | Computer Science | Khan Academy (Video)