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E-Resources for Working Virtually

Appropriate for Children and Families, Health and Mental Health, Human Services Management and Leadership, and Social Justice and Diversity

Total Practicum Hours:   6 hours

Swiftly Transitioning to Online Therapy, Legally, Ethically, and Efficiently

1 hour – You must create an account before being able to sign up for the course.  There is a post-test available. Some information is U.S. Specific.

Dr. Amber Lyda discusses what type of software, hardware, and paperwork is needed and how to navigate technical difficulties while connecting deeply with clients on line.  Practical tips are provided including clinical considerations related to emergencies and concrete tips when working virtually.

Telehealth Delivery Training for Mental Health and Substance Use Providers

1 hour – This webinar delivered by Dr. David Frenz M.D is US based and includes discussion about the structure and function of using zoom for delivery of clinical services, including how to create and schedule meetings, safety, privacy and ideal viewing conditions.  Use of sharing screens for delivery of educational and other useful materials.  Some information is U.S. specific.

Best Practices for Mental Health

1 hour – It can take a few minutes for this website to load, once on the website scroll down to Best Practices for Mental Health and then sign in.

Technology is playing an increasingly significant role in the field of mental health care given the recent changes to mental health in-person service delivery due to COVID-19. Telehealth ensures continuity of care to recipients and provides the means to address access barriers and keep clients and providers safe. In this webinar, there will be discussions about what types of telehealth technologies are available, dos and don’ts of using these technologies, and other tips about using telehealth effectively and safely.  Some information is U.S. specific.

Getting through COVID-19 Directives – Supporting Connection and Emotional Health – ep 86

1 hour – This interview will help you manage the stress and anxiety of your clients (and your own) during the COVID- 19 Directives. Dr. Ho shares tips for how to organize your virtual sessions, maintain good boundaries for work from home, and evidence-based strategies for emotional health.   Creative methods for social connection will also be reviewed.

Q&A Part 1 with Dr. Brian Mistler on Palliative Care and Telehealth

Office Hours: Q&A Part I with Dr. Brian Mistler on Palliative Care & Telehealth

1 hour webinar – must register to watch

Discussion about providing Hospice/Palliative care via virtual technology

Q&A Part 2 with Dr Brian Mistler on Telehealth, Assessments and Management

Office Hours: Q&A Part I with Dr. Brian Mistler on Palliative Care & Telehealth

1 hour webinar – must register to watch

A more indepth discussion about risk and suicide assessments via virtual technology.


Additional Resources Not included in Total Hours:

Guideline for Uses of Technology in Counselling and Psychotherapy (CCPA)